Lenovo t450 doesn't work with parrot security

Hi all,
I used for some months the “home edition of ParrotOS”, after it I decided to clean up my laptop and bring him new life with the "security version of ParrotOS’ but I really can’t understand why doesn’t work.

I don’t have any other system in dual boot, i tried all the possible combinations ( tried LVM encrypted, not LVM, without encryption ) and all the time that i booted the system i had the same problem… without the acpi off i can’t arrive to the login but I can only unlock the disk if encrypted and after it I reach a black screen with an arrow and the trackpad that don’t work. With the acpi off at least, I can boot and login, but when I try to suspend the pc or turn it off it will freeze and you can only turn it off from the power button. Also, the function keys on the keyboard don’t work and I really can’t understand why if with the home edition I didn’t had any kind of problems.

Someone have my same problem?