Parrot 4.7 Install on Acer C720 Chromebook

So I’ve been trying to install Parrot Security OS 4.7 on my Acer C720 for about an hour now, and I keep encountering the same issue. I need to preface this by saying I have followed all the steps to flash the BIOS with the Curl command on chrome terminal, and I have completed that step with no issues.

I have Parrot on a flash drive, I go to boot from it, and I follow the GTK GUI Install process. That goes fine, no issues, and then it completes the installation. The issue is that when I reboot, remove the drive, ctrl+l and try to boot from the Chromebook’s storage (where Parrot should now be installed) the Chromebook just stops doing anything and stays on that “Select Boot Device” screen.

I have had no luck trying to fix this, and I’m not sure if anyone else has encountered the same issues or anything? Help would be much appreciated!